P.J. Ransone

Did you know that P.J. has trained his cat to you use the toilet?  I sure as hell didn't.  The day I took these photos I met him at his house and drank my coffee while he checked his email and did other things on the internet. I was fiddling with my camera and spacing out as I waited there. Suddenly I look over to my left into the bathroom and see his fucking cat is using the toilet like a human. Not only is the little furball doing that but he’s staring at me and meowing. I belt out with a “HOLY SHIT! Your cat!”
I’ve described it to others as similar to spotting a leprechaun or a UFO or something. It’s by far one of the strangest things I’ve come across. I wanted to go buy a lottery ticket.
  He explained the process to me and I was in awe. It cuts the stink of cat litter right out of the picture. Except for the first month of it you have to piss in your sink and take dumps at Starbucks.

After I had regained my composer we hit the streets and at certain points I was chasing PJ through Chinatown rush hour traffic.  He would yell “Dude there’s light over there! We’re losing it. Let’s go!”  and then I would run after him through a 19 way intersection full of bad drivers. 

The thing with his cat got me on this big cat kick.  These cats dont belong to him. I dont know why the hell I didnt get a picture of his cats but i didn't. These belong to the people I some times house sit for.

This is Rex and Batman.......... or maybe Batman is on the left.  I think thats Rex though.

Im guessin this is Rex too.  I havent seen these guys in a while.